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Urban regeneration in Turin with high environmental standards, Italy

In 2011 the City of Turin developed an ambitious and detailed set of environmental guidelines for the  regeneration of the Barriera di Milano district. This Integrated program for Urban Development (PISU) covered 15 construction projects with a total investment cost of €35 million, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund within Region piedmont ERDF Operational programme 2007-2013. responsible for  procuring  construction  contracts were invited to include some common environmental criteria from the planning stage onwards for all procurement activities related to the regeneration programme.

Two types of criteria were developed:

  • Environmental criteria for the improvement of local environment. These criteria significantly influence the design and imply a different concept at the planning stage. They are designed to reduce local pollution and improve the usability of the final space, affecting overall environmental comfort and improving the habitability of the area. They cover aspects such as aesthetic/architectural quality,  the  management  of  surface stormwater, use of local  trees, green roofs and facades, noise, and the durability of the materials used for surface coating.

  • Environmental criteria related to the life cycle impacts of construction elements (technology, product or material), covering for example, the use of recycled materials, or the energy requirements of heating and lighting systems.

The first criteria were used to guide the design of the projects, while the latter were included in the tendering process, in order to promote the choice of products/techniques/technologies that are as innovative and environmentally friendly as possible.

In  addition, all bidders for construction work are asked to offset the CO2 emissions caused by the  construction activities  themselves.  Environmental considerations make up a major element in evaluating offers, including  an assessment of the environmental quality of products and materials to be used, and the environmental management of the construction site.

One of the construction projects was the development of the new urban park of Spina4, on an area  of 43,000 m2 formerly occupied by car-industry buildings. Many sustainable features were included in the  design based on the set environmental guidelines – for example example photovoltaic panels,  photocatalytic paving, LED lighting, and the use of recycled materials.

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