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Timber-framed residential area in Linnanfälti, Turku, Finland

The timber-framed housing estate, planned in the Linnanfältti area in Turku, is a national lead  project  for  the promotion of timber building and construction. Parties to this project include the City of Turku, a private real estate development company and three construction companies. The land is owned by the City of Turku and the private real estate company, both with a  50% share  of  the land. The aim of the project was  that it would simultaneously enable the City of Turku to meet its housing needs and provide builders an opportunity to develop international business opportunities for timber construction.

A quality-based design competition was organised to stir up inspiration and imagination. However,  the  project  experienced  some severe challenges after the  selection of  the contractors. The problems started from a disagreement in what should be defined as “wood construction”. It turned out that the boundary conditions for wood construction were not sufficiently clarified in the tender documents. In the original tender documents it was only stated that the facade of the building should be from timber and the load-bearing structures primarily made of wood.

In order to properly define these boundary conditions, a separate workshop series was organised for the project participants. The workshops resulted in a contract where the planning principles of the modern timber-framed area are specified, and where the boundary conditions are specified. These stated that:

  • Facade material must be wood;
  • Exterior walls, ceilings, floors, walls between the apartments and the internal walls must be timber-framed;

  • Stone structures are accepted only in basements,  bomb shelters, elevator shafts, stairwells,  underground car parks as well as in structures facing the ground, such as the base floor.

The Linnanfältti project and the related workshop series have ultimately helped to develop business networks, innovative techniques and technologies, and promoted the business concept of wood construction in the industry.

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