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SCI Network - SCI-Network - Sustainable Construction @ Innovation through Procurement

Sustainable UN headquarters development in Copenhagen

A new headquarters for six United  Nations’ organisations is being developed in Copenhagen, Denmark  from  2010 – 2013. The building has a gross floor area of 50,000m2 . A design and build contract was signed with the winning contractor. The contractor was selected  through an international architectural competition between five companies following an open pre-qualification stage.

The building is designed and constructed  to achieve energy consumption below 50 kWh/m2/year. As such, the developing company was awarded the EU 2012 GreenBuilding partner award for this project. Furthermore, the building is aiming to achieve a LEED platinum certification.

The building will be using recycled rainwater for toilet flushing, cooling will take place with sea water, all lighting and indoor climate will be automatically controlled with individual user adjustment options. Despite large window areas, the building envelope is highly insulated, and provided with efficient exterior automated solar screens. The roof will house a significant photovoltaic panel system. For strict security reasons, the building is constructed on an isolated island linked to the mainland through one bridge, which will be accessible by foot, bicycles and small vehicles only. Consequently, no parking is provided on site.

This case illuminates the complex and emergent character of the demand side  in construction under which innovation has to take place. Thus, procurement has been undertaken in a highly complex organisational form with multiple user organisations, extensive role separation, overlapping roles between the regulatory system and the developing company, and repeated changes in the ownership structure over time.

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