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Renovation of Ministry buildings through PPP, The Netherlands

In 2010 in the Netherlands, the Ministry of Finance decided to renovate the main Ministry of  Finance  headquarters  building  following  complaints  about  the  technically  outdated climate system. In addition to the renewal of the air conditioning and heating, the building facades also needed to be adjusted as preliminary works revealed that the structure of the building was outdated and inflexible. After consultation with the Building Agency, it was decided to address all these building faults at the same time and furthermore to adapt the building to modern demands.

This building was the first successful use of a public-private partnership (PPP) in the retrofit of a government building. The main reason for choosing PPP as a project financing route was to enable the public authority to access the state of the art knowledge within the supply side while mitigating risk and reducing future maintenance costs over a 25 year contract period.

The  Ministry of Finance was built in 1975 and is an excellent example of brutalism in the Netherlands.  however, it did not satisfy the needs of a modern ministry. After extensive renovation, the building now offers office space to 1,750 employees over seven floors. It includes meeting rooms, a library, restaurant, underground parking and sports facilities. The renovation has done much to embed the building in the urban fabric by developing a welcoming central entrance. One of the courtyards is now part of the public domain, and is also an inviting – partially covered – winter garden designed on the corner of Short Voorhout. There is also an atrium which acts  as  the  ‘heart’ of the building. The ventilation and lighting has also been modernised. Improvements to heat and cold storage and an ingenious double-skin façade have contributed substantially to energy savings, even though the building has more than 250 workstations. The building also meets the Dutch National package plus programme for sustainable buildings.

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