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Public-private partnership for a kindergarten in Vinovo, Italy

In 2008 the municipality of Vinovo needed to build a new kindergarten. It was decided to use a specific form of Italian public-private partnership (ppp), called Leasing in Costruendo.This process involves tendering jointly for the design and build, as well as the financing of the construction – to be provided by a partnership between a funder (a financing organisation such as a bank) and a construction company.

Ultimately the process leads to two separate contracts:

  1. A leasing contract with the funder of a set duration, over which period the authority will pay leasing fees (capital and interest) for the use of the building, once building work is complete. At the end of the leasing contract, ownership of the building passes to the authority.

  2. A  design and build contract with a construction company, managed by the financing organisation.

Under this scheme design and construction work is carried out by the construction firm, and financed and overseen directly by the funder. This strong partnership between funder and construction firm helps to guarantee the quality of the works. The scheme also has the advantage of reducing identification of funding and the procuring of design and construction into one single stage.

The construction was completed in one year, which is an unusually a short term for this type of contract. In addition the winning construction company worked  directly with teachers in certain elements of sustainable design such as furniture, equipment location, external common areas and building appliances. They were also provided with information on the use of innovative energy equipment.

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