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Partnering to develop renewable energy, Auçadoura , Portugal

In May 2011, Aguçadoura district within the portuguese Municipality of póvoa do Varzim, entered into a partnership with a commercial developer of renewable energy supplies.

The district contributed 50% of the investment costs for the installation of photovoltaic and thermal solar  panels on the roof of the local leisure centre (located in the district school).The other 50% was provided by the company ‘Eficiência Real’.

The solar panels will provide both hot water and electricity for the building, with the surplus electricity being sold commercially to the national utility company EDP for the period of 15 years. Revenues are to be shared by the district and ‘Eficiência Real’.

The total investment was nearly €40,000, including photovoltaic panels for energy production, 36 thermal panels and a steam boiler and other equipment for water heating; reducers for taps and showers were also installed to save water. The project will reach its break-even point by the end of 2019 (a pay-back period of 8 years).

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