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Integrating WLC into strategic partnership, DSTL, UK

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) selected Serco for a 15 year strategic partnership contract called ‘project INSPIRE’, aimed at providing and supporting new and refurbished laboratory  and  office accommodation. Bidders were required to provide comprehensive answers to a number  of  questions, including: ‘Describe your approach to energy saving and sustainable development for all aspects of your proposals’; ‘Describe how you will provide a travel and hospitality service’; and ‘provide your proposals for health and recreational facilities’.

Serco is responsible for providing comprehensive  facilities  management services across DSTL’s estate for 15 years from August 2006, and for the first 2 years Serco also managed the design and build of new facilities and refurbishment of others. The innovative new facilities and supporting services ranged from laboratory set-up to travel management services.

A model was prepared in order to illustrate likely future expenditure required on both buildings of the project (new build and a refurbishment). The formal report for DSTL was structured according to the headings in ISO 15686 – part 5 (whole life costing).

The main benefits of this focus on life cycle costs were twofold: firstly the facilities management provider was able to show to their client that they are planning to invest during the operation and maintenance stages and they are planning the relevant expenditure and secondly Serco gained a practical insight into not only future costs but also their timings so they could plan their financial strategy to suit.

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