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SCI Network - SCI-Network - Sustainable Construction @ Innovation through Procurement

Design, build and operate through competitive dialogue, Collesalvetti, Italy

In 2011 the municipality of Collesalvetti (province of Livorno) published a tender for the award  of  a  45  year  concession for the design, build and operation of an existing multi functional sport centre called “Cittadella dello Sport”.

The municipality invited construction companies to join a two phase competitive dialogue procedure, based on an initial plan of the sport centre prepared by the authority. Companies were pre-selected to participate on the basis of their technical and financial capability.

In the first phase, each pre-selected company was invited  to propose amendments to the initial project proposed by the municipality, helping the public authority to make the final investment technically and financially sustainable, also suggesting possible different functions compatible with the sport area. These submitted proposals and amendments were checked and compared by the municipality, and on the basis of this the best solution to meet the needs was identified.

In the second phase, the same companies were then invited to tender for the construction work and operation based on the revised plans. The contractor was selected through the most economically advantageous tender (MEAT) procedure. 15% of points in the evaluation were according to the environmental quality of the final plan – specifically covering the efficiency of heating, cooling and electricity systems, the inclusion of green spaces and pedestrian and cycling access.

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