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SCI Network - SCI-Network - Sustainable Construction @ Innovation through Procurement

Bundling buildings for EPCS in Berlin, Germany

The City-State of Berlin has used energy performance contracting extensively for systems engineering  in  existing buildings. As there is no financial flexibility in undertaking the projects directly, this has proven a good way to achieve energy savings.

To avoid the energy service providers taking on only quick wins, different buildings are bundled into so called “building pools”, each covering different types and standards. It has typically proven successful to have buildings from one administrative unit in the same pool.

There are more than 1300 buildings covered by the projects in total. The largest group are schools, followed by kindergartens and office buildings, but fire stations, sports facilities and other public buildings are also covered. The savings achieved vary across pools from 15% to 35%.

The contracts are awarded through a negotiated procedure. A rough estimate of the individual saving potentials is developed by the bidders during the tendering process. After the contract is awarded, a detailed analysis is developed, at the cost of the contractor. The contractors are responsible for the cost of refurbishment, operations, maintenance, inspection, systems management and continuous optimisation.

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