SCI-Network - Sustainable Construction @ Innovation through Procurement

SCI Network - SCI-Network - Sustainable Construction @ Innovation through Procurement

Advice service for municipalities in Vorarlberg, Austria

The Umweltverband (Environmental  Association) Vorarlberg offers support to all 96 member communities in the province of Vorarlberg in the renovation and construction of sustainable public buildings.

If a municipality wants to renovate or build in an energy-efficient und eco-friendly way they will be supported by experts through the whole planning, tendering and building process.

This is done in four modules:

Module 1: "PrePlanning"

  • Development of specific energy-efficient and environmental criteria
  • Formulation of an „eco – programme“
  • Optional: support in conducting an architectural competition

Module2: "Planning and tendering"

  • Development of a material-, construction and energy concept
  • Environmental check of the call for tenders
  • Creating eco-criteria for each call for tender by using the database:
  • Assistance for questions about procurement law

Module 3: "Control and execution"

  • Information for craftsmen
  • Checking the product declaration list of the manufacturers
  • Approval of product declaration list

Module 4: "Control of success"

  • Product control at the building site
  • Various measurements (blower door test, indoor air quality,…)

This service has been used in over 50 projects in Vorarlberg. It has proven particularly helpful for smaller local authorities, that may not have the technical knowledge in construction or procurement but wish to build and renovate sustainably. For buildings that have been built or renovated with the support of the Environmental Association Vorarlberg, energy savings of around 70% and a reduction of indoor air emissions of 90% have been achieved.

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