SCI-Network - Sustainable Construction @ Innovation through Procurement

SCI Network - SCI-Network - Sustainable Construction @ Innovation through Procurement

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This list aims to highlight projects, platforms and initiatives related to sustainble construction and innovation through procurement. It is by no means exhaustive - feel free to send further suggestions to


European Programmes

European Local Energy Assistance (ELENA)

To facilitate the mobilisation of funds for investments in sustainable energy at local level, the European Commission and the European Investment Bank have established the ELENA technical assistance facility, financed through the Intelligent Energy-Europe programme.

Lead Market Initiative

A European Commission initiative, run by DG Enterprise & Industry, aimed at promoting innovation in several key sectors including sustainable construction.


Projects & initiatives

The Big Green Housing Exchange

Resources and an online forum dedicated to the exchange of ideas on energy-efficiency in housing.

BRITA in PuBs: Bringing retrofit innovation to application in public buildings

Demonstration and research project that aims to increase the market penetration of innovative and cost-effective retrofit solutions to improve energy-efficiency and implement RE in public buildings.

BUILD-UP: Energy solutions for better buildings

A European portal for energy efficiency in buildings.

Build with CaRe (Carbon Reduction)

The Build with CaRe (Carbon Reduction) project mobilise local and regional authorities, universities and institutes in the North-Sea Region to promote energy-efficient building design.

Energy Efficient Buildings

The overall mission of the E2B European Initiative is to deliver, implement and optimise building and district concepts that have the technical, economic and societal potential to drastically decrease energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions in both new and existing buildings across the EU.

European high quality Low Energy Buildings (EULEB)

The EULEB Project provides information on existing public non-residential high quality and low energy buildings from all over Europe.

FRESH - Financing energy refurbishment for social housing

Social housing operators and energy services companies (ESCO) from France, United Kingdom, Italy and Bulgaria demonstrate that energy performance contract (EPC) can be used in social housing for low energy refurbishment on a large scale.

Low Carbon (LCB) Healthcare

The Low Carbon (LCB) Healthcare project aims to stimulate demand for innovative low-carbon solutions for the healthcare sector by providing procurement decision makers with the  knowledge and tools to achieve more sustainable buildings within their budget constraints.

Multi Source Energy Systems Integrated in Buildings

The project aims to develop, evaluate and demonste an affordable multi-source energy storage system integrated in building, based on new materials, technologies and control systems, to reduce its energy consumption and to actively manage the building energy demand.

Open House Project (FP7)

Project to develop and implement a common, transparent European building assessment methodology for planning and constructing sustainable buildings.

PreCo: Enhancing innovation in pre-commercial public purchasing processes

Network which supports public authorities in undertaking pre-commercial procurement actions, with a focus on eHealth and eEnergy.

Procura+ Campaign

Procura+ is an initiative designed to help support public authorities in implementing Sustainable Procurement – and help promote their achievements.

RoK-FOR Sustainable Forest Management Providing Renewable Energy, Sustainable Construction and Bio-Based Products

RoK-FOR project connects forestry sectors from European regions within the fields of bio-energy, bio-based products and wood construction. RoK-FOR aims to organize research, change of information, new production and project financing.

SISCo (Solutions for Implementing Sustainable Construction)

SISCo is a project bringing together all contributors involved in construction, from concept through to delivery. The project seeks to showcase cutting-edge exemplars in sustainable development to both the UK and EU markets.


SMART SPP – innovation through sustainable procurement - is a European project which will promote the introduction of new, innovative low carbon emission technologies and integrated solutions onto the European market.

Sustainable Urban Development European Network-Factor4

It is focussed on social housing retrofitting for improving energy efficiency and facilitating the use of renewable energy, in order to participate to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission (GEG) by a factor 4 before 2050.

TRAINREBUILD - Training for Rebuilding Europe

The objective of the TRAINREBUILD project is to design a comprehensive value  chain strategy to generate a change in the thinking of public and private building owners regarding the link between energy efficiency and value related to building ownership.



BREEAM - BRE Environmental Assessment Method

BREEAM sets standards for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become a comprehensive and recognised measures of a building's environmental performance.

Buildings Performance Institute Europe

Centre of expertise on all aspects of energy efficiency and energy performance in European buildings.

Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence is a cross-sector, cross-supply chain, member led think tank for the construction industry and its stakeholders. The aim is to improve industry performance for a more sustainable built environment.

European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings

The mission of EuroACE is to work together with the European institutions to help Europe move towards a more sustainable pattern of energy use in buildings, thereby contributing to the EU's commitments on carbon emission reductions, job creation and energy security.

European Network of Building Research Institutes

Brings together the principal building and construction research institutes in Europe, with 23 members employing over 4000 professional research staff.

Modern Built Environment Knowledge Transfer Network (MBE KTN)

The network brings together all organisations that make up the supply chains active in the built environment, such as businesses , universities, the finance community and government departments. These organisations are brought together to take part in, or benefit from, a range of MBE KTN led activities aimed at enabling the exchange of knowledge and stimulating innovation across the built environment.

Sustainable Building Alliance

The SBA aim is to develop common metrics that can be used to monitor and compare internationally ecological behaviour and sustainable performance through the different voluntary rating schemes.