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Contracting, monitoring and supplier management

Contracting, monitoring and supplier management


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The emphasis on promoting innovation should not end once contracts with suppliers are signed. Many public authorities are including clauses within construction works contracts which help to incentivise suppliers to continue searching for improvements and innovations throughout the contract period. It is equally important to establish appropriate monitoring procedures to assess progress against targets and indicators set, and where possible, to ensure that such monitoring continues once the building is being used – Post-occupancy Evaluation (PoE).

Supplier relationship management (SRM) is also receiving increased attention, in exploring how longer term relationships with suppliers can help to encourage the development and implementation of innovative technologies and techniques in the public construction sector.

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Recommendation 6.A: Consider the use of incentivisation in construction contracts to encourage innovation. Examples include introducing performance payments, gain share clauses and negotiating contract extensions.

Recommendation 6.B: Include best available technology and technology refresh clauses, and an ‘innovation pot’ for operation of building systems and facilities, where relevant.