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Intelligent Client

Being an "Intelligent client"


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As in any procurement, getting the best solution is primarily determined by how well the procurement process itself is carried out, and the skills of those organising it. In a field as complex as construction this is especially true. The type of skills required will vary according to the type and scale of the project being undertaken, and it will need to be determined whether sufficient capacities exist within the authority, or whether they can be brought in from outside.

Being an “intelligent client” also requires knowing your true needs. The effective involvement of end users and facility managers is critical to success.

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Recommendation 2.A: Establish at the beginning a project team with the required management, technical, legal and commercial skills which the construction project requires. Ensure end user and facility manager involvement in the team.

  • Snapshot: For the construction of a school and day-care centre campus according to ambitious sustainability standards the City of Jyväskylä put together a team to ensure the required expertise. Staff from the city administration (construction management, facility management, education, daycare, city planning, city catering, sport facilities) were joined by various external experts (technical, architectural and financial consultancy and procurement management).